“About Last Night.” Bresha Webb at Crack ‘Em Up Thursday’s!


Yes, Bresha Webb was in the building at Crack ‘Em Up Thursday’s. Her fans laughed… So.. She ran the light a little. But Webb pulled it off with her hilarious set. You’ve seen her in a ton of movies “Meet The Blacks,” “Ride Along 2,” and many others greats on the big screen. You missed out on an awesome night…

Flashback Friday – The Mello Comedic Show


Ali Wong performed at the Mello Comedic Show on July 26th at “The World Famous Comedy Store.” Wong told tales of pregnancy, nanny’s, and a whole bunch of other jokes. You couldn’t help but laugh at her set. Born in Trinidad & Tobago comedian Gerry Bednob is known for being in many silly movies like “The 40 Year Old Virgin.”…

Celebrating Big Spike’s Birthday


Mo’ Betta Monday’s was full of excitement for Spike Thompson’s birthday at The Hollywood Improv. Finesse Mitchell hit the stage, DeRay Davis hosted the show, and Carmen Barton joined the fellas on stage and then finished off with a hot set. Everyone had a great time. The room was full of laughs. Carmen Barton making her fans laugh. Those “yo…

Jordan Rock


Jordan Rock hit the stage last night at “The Mello Comedic Show,” in the main room of “The World Famous Comedy Store.” If you haven’t been to this show yet you’re missing out on laughs. Also, if you haven’t seen Jordan Rock on the Netflix series “Love,” you must really not be in the loop. Jordan Rock is funny on…

Paul PK Kim


Paul PK Kim performing at The Mello Comedic Show this past Tuesday. Kim was funny and the crowd was loving his jokes. Get tickets to the next show if you wanna have a good time and laugh! The line up is always amazing. Purchase tickets online so you don’t have to wait in line!!! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-mello-comedic-show-tickets-24192108247?discount=blaqueviolet